About the Program

In New York City the Work First Foundation operates a wage subsidy program with New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance that has successfully employed more than 300 people.  Currently in the third year of a 5-year contract, this program places individuals who are two times below the poverty level into temporary, subsidized employment.


How it Works

This program, which is subcontracted with America on Demand, is innovative because unlike other employment programs it provides on the job training to clients, greatly increasing the chances of their being hired by companies. We are actively seeking the program’s expansion and continually trying advocate for wage subsidy as a model that should be adopted around the country.



83% of our candidates are retained full-time by the companies. This program has a great impact on participants, as receiving income from social assistance and working increases their access liquidable funds.

The wage subsidy program also helps companies hire employees by covering 60% of a new employees monthly salary. This extra relief provides the opportunity to 'try out' and try employees at low costs. These companies can also earn tax credits anywhere from $750 - $9,000 just by hiring one targeted employee. These tax credits are providing businesses the financial flexibility to hire more people off of welfare.


accessible funds

Accessible funds in thousands