About the Program

The Work First Foundation finds work as an important step to combat recidivism. Far too often ex-offenders stigmatization disqualifies their consideration for employment, and the lack of income and employment structure can lead individuals back to a life of crime. To help put a stop to this cycle of crime, WFF launched a retraining program to help improve the likelihood of employment for ex-offenders in Baltimore, Maryland.


How it Works

Beginning in 2009, the Work First Foundation has provided job placement services to ex-offenders in the Baltimore community. This includes hard and soft skill training, certifications, interview preparation, and career support.

Impact and Results

The results were encouraging. The Work First Foundation and our partners have graduated over 1000 ex-offenders from our program and place nearly 700 ex-offenders into employment. Our participants' recidivism remained at a remarkably low 20% compared to the nations discouraging average of 67.8%.

We hosted a seminar with keynote speaker Lt. Governor of Maryland, Boyd Rutherford to share the success of our re-entry program. The foundation's Chairman of the Board, (Ret.) Capt. Pete "Bullfrog-13" Wikul also presented on the importance reentry plays for families. 


Job Retention For Program Participants

This chart shows the percentage of program participants who achieved job retention for 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days. (Updated 5/1/19)