Baltimore Ex-Offender Program

The Work First Foundation finds work as an important step to combat recidivism. Far too often ex-offenders stigmatization disqualifies their consideration for employment, and the lack of income and employment structure can lead individuals back to a life of crime. To help put a stop to this cycle of crime, WFF launched a retraining program to help improve the likelihood of employment for ex-offenders in Baltimore, Maryland.

Recidivism Rate

The results were encouraging. By the end of the program WFF and their partners helped place nearly 700 ex-offenders and helped prepare a total of 1187. Our participants recidivism remained at a remarkably low 20% compared to the nations discouraging average of 67.8%. WFF hosted a seminar with keynote speaker Lt. Governor of Maryland, Boyd Rutherford to share the success of our re-entry program. WFF's Chairman of the Board, (Ret.) Capt. Pete "Bullfrog-13" Wikul also presented on the importance reentry plays for families. Below is a snapshot of the program's success, and seminar.


A speech given at the WFF Seminar on the Baltimore Ex-Offender Program