Workforce Laboratory

The Work First Foundation provides a creative, compassionate and effective approach towards finding work for hard-to-place individuals. We help a wide range of populations, including unskilled workers, the formerly incarcerated, veterans, youth aging out of foster care, SSI/SSDI beneficiaries, TANF and SNAP recipients, to identify meaningful job placement opportunities.

The Work First Foundation's Baltimore Ex-Offender program is a shining example of the effect employment makes for individuals. Compared to the national recidivism rate of nearly 70%, the foundation's participants achieved an astonishing rate of 20%.  

Washington, D.C. SNAP Employment and Training helps SNAP recipients retool their skills and reshape their applications to earn employment that helps reduce reliance on SNAP assistance.

The foundation helps fund the salary of welfare recipients in order for them to receive on-the-job training. The program proves to be effective as more than 83% of program participants are retained full-time by the participating employers.  

The Work First Foundation Connects Job Seekers with Employers

The foundation recognizes the challenges posed by the saturated online job application process. Too many applications go unanswered. In order to get people jobs, the foundation connects employers and job seekers with job fairs throughout the year. 

Job Fair Readiness

To give participants the best chance for success, they are invited to join a work shop focusing on resume writing, networking and interviewing. Trained professionals coach these crucial skills to make Work First job fairs worth while for employers and job-seekers.