Soft Skills

Soft Skills are identified as an important step in building interpersonal skills, time management, fiscal responsibility and work expectations. Soft skill courses also provide fellows with the opportunity to coach resume and cover letter writing, as well as the most effective tactics in online job search.

A Fellows presentation on ATS systems and improving resumes 


The wide variety of subject manner and large class sizes allow Fellows to be creative in their approaches to hit upon major ideas. Where some courses are focused on the detail oriented approach to crafting a job-specific resume, others touch on more abstract concepts like conflict resolution. Clients participate in soft skills by sharing their experiences of success and struggle, making the soft skill classroom one of the most important classroom experiences. 


Fellows are encouraged to research and track the trends in hiring managers and relay the most effective strategies to getting hired. Clients are encourage to redraft their resumes and cover letters and seek assistants from fellows. 


Occasionally fellows will test new topics to gauge the interest and importance of certain areas with clients. Current fellows have run workshops on HTML/CSS, self efficacy, and nutrition. These lessons help fellows provide important feedback to policy experts, and work force development professionals on how clients respond to a variety of lesson types.