The Work First Foundation is an innovative research laboratory that seeks to identify approaches that successfully lead to meaningful employment for people on public assistance.

Programs That Work

As part of our mission, we collect data on effective employment programs around the United States so that government, job seekers, employers and private funders can make informed decisions on which programs to partner with.  

Below is raw data from New York City Human Resource Administration on vendor performance during January 2015:

HRA Vendor Stat Raw Data for the State of New York, January 2015

HRA Vendor Stat Raw Data for the State of New York, January 2015

Workforce Development Best Practices

The Work First Foundation will take an innovative approach to discover what "treatment" makes the best workforce development programs successful.

Recidivism Rate

Ex-offenders who went through the Work First Foundation Baltimore Re-Entry Program have a 20% recidivism rate compared to a 67% national rate. The Foundation has identified that work steers people away from falling back into a life of crime, and is eager to replicate this model on a national scale.

Social Security

In 2017, The Work First Foundation is launching the Freedom to Work Summit, which will evaluate the effectiveness of Ticket to Work Programs in relation to moving people off of SSI/SSDI and into full time or part time work.  


Wage Subsidies

Wage subsidy programs show promise in helping employers afford unskilled workers and getting unemployed adults into positions with an opportunity for growth. Read about our NYC wage subsidy program's success. 

Social Impact Hiring

Many corporations have broad commitments to Social Responsibility.  This ranges from their environmental efforts of lowering energy costs and providing natural products to providing donations and employee time to worthwhile community causes.  Perhaps one of the greatest impacts a corporation can have on their community and society is through their hiring practices. Providing benefits, promotion and training opportunities, and family-friendly workplaces can be very significant.  All of these practices are reported and analyzed in corporate public information press releases and newsletters.