About the Program

In New York City, the Work First Foundation operates a Wage Subsidy Program under the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance that has successfully employed more than 300 people so far. This program places individuals who live at two times below the poverty level into temporary, subsidized employment, a crucial stepping stone to long-term employment and self-sufficiency.

The New York City Wage Subsidy Program is a unique and effective strategy for helping companies develop new talent while supporting low-income individuals in their journey to develop workplace skills and experience.

How it Works

In collaboration with the staffing agency America on Demand, the Wage Subsidy Program works by partnering with companies to cover 60% of a new employee’s monthly salary. This extra relief provides companies with the opportunity to ‘try out’ new employees at low costs. These companies can also earn tax credits worth anywhere from $750-9,000 just by hiring one employee through the Wage Subsidy program. These tax credits then provide businesses with the financial flexibility to hire more people currently on public assistance or low-income.

The New York City Wage Subsidy Program is innovative because unlike other employment programs, clients are provided with on-the-job training. This not only provides them with valuable industry-specific skills and experience, but greatly increases their chances of being hired by companies afterwards.

Looking Forward

Because of the many successes we have seen from the Wage Subsidy Program in the first few years of its contract, the Work First Foundation is a strong advocate for Wage Subsidy as a model that should be adopted throughout the country. We are actively and continually seeking ways to expand the Wage Subsidy Program, not only by extending its contract in New York City but also bringing its innovative methods to more locations. 


Facts and Figures

Percentage of Candidates Retained Full-Time By Employers

percentage of new employee's monthly salary Subsidizedby program