About the Program

To help families fight hunger, the Work First Foundation provides able-bodied adults who are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and are enrolled in the Food Stamp Employment and Training Program (FSET) with individualized career and job preparation services. First implemented in 2016, our programming helps low-income unemployed individuals prepare and obtain successful and sustainable employment with potential for growth and upward mobility. 

How it Works

Eligible individuals are offered the opportunity to join a job placement, education, or job skill training program. For able-bodied adults limited to three months of SNAP benefits, these activities are critically important. Participants in the program have pursued certifications in a variety of fields and others have furthered their education

In addition, the Work First Foundation offers participants job connections and training to successfully navigate and build a career. By connecting adults with employment opportunities, we play a critical role in the transition to self-sufficiency. Our program has successfully placed candidates in various fields, and offers robust retention services to ensure that candidates remain successful and achieve career growth. 

The Impact

After its inception in 2016, within one year, the D.C. SNAP E&T program was able to serve more than 200 clients, has placed 70 into employment, and helped 16 individuals complete an education or certification program.

Facts and Figures

since April 2018


Participants Placed In Jobs


Participants Enrolled


Participants who completed education/certification program


Participants Enrolled in Education/Certification Program



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Looking Forward

After starting the first SNAP Employment & Training/FSET Program in Washington, D.C., the Work First Foundation has since brought its job readiness training and connections to America Works offices in Baltimore, Maryland; and St. Louis, Missouri. We are continually looking for new funding opportunities to expand the program and help transform lives through employment in new locations.