The Work Force Foundation is an innovative workforce laboratory. The foundation has placed more than 10,000 individuals living in poverty into the workforce. Find out more about our organization, mission, methods, and the results of our fight against poverty.


The Work First Foundation conducts demonstration programs that test the effectiveness of the Work First strategy as the best way to create self-sustainability. These programs, which have connected more than 10,000 unemployed individuals to jobs, act as laboratories looking at unique approaches that combat urban poverty. The Work First Foundation's findings have broad implications for expansion nationwide. 


The Work First Foundation is an innovative workforce development laboratory that seeks to research and identify approaches that successfully lead to meaningful employment for people on public assistance. Through our Post-Doctoral researchers, the Work First Foundation collects data and produces research on the most effective employment strategies across the United States. 


The Fellowship powered by the Work First Foundation connects young professionals with urban poverty and public policy. During their service year, Fellows become a trusted face for unemployed adults seeking high school equivalency preparation, computer literacy, job training or advice on finding work. Fellows conduct research projects on real world obstacles facing those on public assistance and share their findings with policymakers, educators, and business leaders. 


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