English As A Second Language

New York City is one of the most diverse places on the planet. The city's residents speak 800 different languages. English, however, can be a necessary requirement to gain employment and confidence in English speaking work settings. The Work First Fellows recognize the challenges immigrants and non-English speaking adults face in gaining employment. The fellows work with adults to work on their English speaking and writing! 


ESL Effectivness

Julie Kozikova (Fellow 2015-2016) reviewed the current need for ESL classes in New York City and tested the effectiveness of the Work First Fellows ESL courses. 

Diversity in the Classroom

In one class, students came from 6 different countries and spoke a variety of different languages. Among those students on a third graduated from high school.  Check out this New York Times article further explaining the diversity of languages in New York City. 


We saw progress from every single students at both the beginner and advanced level classes. In our beginner level course, some students scored below 30 percent on an entry level exam, but after 6 weeks their progress improved tremendously. The Advanced level courses start at a higher bar, but students leave with an improved writing ability and sense of confidence in their English speaking ability.