About the Program

The Work First Foundation Washington, D.C. SNAP program welcomes able-bodied adults who are out of work and out of eligible time receiving SNAP benefits, formerly known as "food stamps." To help families fight hunger, the Work First Foundation helps SNAP recipients with assistance in finding meaningful employment. While in the program clients gain the skills needed to be successful in the modern job market. 


How it Works

Through our partnership with America Works, SNAP recipients are offered the opportunity to join a job placement, education, or job skill training program. These activities are critically important for able-bodied working adults, who are limited to three months of SNAP benefits. The foundation helps these adults find employment opportunities to transition to self-sufficiency. 



The D.C. SNAP has served more than 200 clients since its inception in 2016. The program has placed 70 SNAP recipients into jobs, and helped 16 individuals complete an education or certification program.


Client Testimonial

See what our clients have to say about the Work First D.C. SNAP Program.

“When I first arrived in the program I was depressed and overwhelmed. Completely stuck in quicksand and the more I fought the more I sunk deeper into an inescapable darkness. I knew that I couldn’t maintain my life like this. My case worker and I spent a lot of time developing short term and long-term goals for myself. I really had to buckle down and understand the roads that lead me here and what I wanted for my future, the best way to protect it and how to make it grow. That process sounds easy but when you’ve spent years losing yourself in what others wanted of you and for you, you tend to lose sight of who you are. Saying you want to make money is fine. But you have to ask yourself, “why is it I don’t have that money right now?” The answer? Your truth. The best thing you can do is be honest with yourself. From there the real work begins. The road blocks will come. Ask for help. The doubt will come. Ask for help. You will be discouraged. Ask for help. Working together, as is the motto of anything in life, makes the progression easier to manage. I started off homeless, no job, former bills piling into collections, negative bank account…you name it. I accepted the help from America Works SNAP E&T Program and was honest with them about where I was and where I wanted to be. It took a little time, faith and determination but today, I am in school with a 3.4 GPA, moving into my own apartment and working full time with benefits. I still have a little more to cross off my short- term goal list but compared to where I came from? All I can do is thank God and the help I received from America Works.”