Fellows Lead in Education and Training 


High School Equivalency

The job application ends for many students when they come across "High School Diploma Required." A decision made many years ago bars their entrance into the workforce today. Work First Fellows help welfare recipients prepare for the TASC or GED exam and earn their high school equivalency diploma. 


Soft Skills

Fellows lead soft skill training! Students are coached in resume & cover letter writing, job searching & research, interviewing, and networking. More broadly, fellows host lectures on financial literacy, social capital, social media, and employee rights. Students participate in workshops guiding leadership, teamwork and communication. 

English as a Second Language

Non-English speakers are invited to practice and improve their english skills at the beginner or advanced level. Students are tested on the first day they enter the course and their progress is tracked throughout the process. Fellows help ESL students close the language gap and help them find work.


Computer Literacy

Computer illiteracy creates a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to job attainment in the modern application process. Fellows coach less experienced computer users in typing and exploring the internet. More experienced users practice Microsoft Word, Excel. At the summation of class those students are encouraged to take a work entry test on those applications. Linked is a website fellows made to guide their courses