Derek Rogers, Baltimore, MD

“I came to the program in January after being referred by a staffing agency who did not have employment opportunities for me, due to my criminal background. I was released from incarceration in October 2018 after having served 21 years in prison. I applied for and received SNAP benefits that month. I was searching for employment but was unsuccessful. I worked with program staff to review my enrollment materials, determine what type of employment I was interested in, and get assistance with interview preparation. I was introduced to Sales Representatives who referred me to employment opportunities with employers who valued my work ethic and experience and who were willing to give me an opportunity despite my past conviction. On February 7, 2019, I was hired as a Warehouse and Production Associate in the Hanover, Maryland area. I have been working 12-hour shifts, which I really enjoy, and have been receiving overtime pay. I feel that without the help of the program, I would not have been able to get off of SNAP and into employment. Because of them, I have reentered society, I am self-sufficient, and I am proud of my job.

—Derek Rogers, Baltimore, MD