Eric Stinson, Washington, D.C.

“I was laid off my last full-time job in 2017 and have had a very challenging time getting back into the workforce. All I can say is I never gave up sending emails, responding to job requests, and searching for every opportunity that came remotely close to what I wanted to do for work. I had several interviews that did not work out but I kept fighting. Because of the program, I was placed into a job. My job is going very well. i am able to get back to the type of work (Business Development/Sales) that I had previously done for 20 years. I’m still not where I would like to be as far as total independence, but I’m well on my way. Working gives me a sense of worth. I feel that If I work I will have a semblance of self-sufficiency and satisfaction. I was fortunate to grow up in an environment that fosters hard work and self-sufficiency and I am thankful to have found this program. For anyone that is in my former unemployed situation, do not give up the fight! For all this I’m thankful and grateful.”

—Eric Stinson, Washington, D.C.